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For twenty-five years the Wijngaards Institute has worked to dispel many of the myths around artificial contraceptives, the role of women within the Church, same-sex relationships and other crucial issues.

Working with a global network of respected theologians and scholars from many disciplines we have demonstrated that the official position on these issues is neither informed by Sacred Scripture nor in harmony with modern science. We publish our findings in the media and on our educational websites.

The truth is that the Church's present teaching is unnecessarily prohibitive. It causes immense confusion and suffering to millions of people.

As more and more Catholics struggle to reconcile their modern views with official Church doctrine, we also risk losing the next generation as they become disillusioned with the Church.

With your help, we can undertake more work to respectfully challenge out-dated thinking within the Church.

Together we can re-build the Church to be modern and inclusive.

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